The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam breaks down the week's biggest headlines with Michael Brooks, including Trump's plans to reopen, GOP disaster austerity and Bay of Pigs Pt. 2: Venezuela.

On today's show: Trump on why he didn't get ahead of pandemic: "I had a lot of things going on." Trump on making people go back to work: says "we have to do it," "there's no win," says he'll create the greatest economy. To follow up question about task force, growing death and infection, Trump says Americans are "warriors." Dennis Prager says Americans can quit their jobs if they feel returning is unsafe, says Covid liability lawsuits show the US is being ruined by the left.

On the fun half: "Sam Seder" leaves mean review of Michael's book. The Democrats have no policy agenda. Greg Gutfeld says reporter's "Mission Accomplished" gotcha question was a reference to Katrina, Gutfeld was not fooled. Ohio Governor Mike Dewine announces budget cuts to education and Medicaid. Should Warren be primaried? Cuomo announces partnership w/ Gates Foundation so they can ruin public education again. Brian Kilmeade says Monroe Doctrine is in play, Cuba needs to watch out. Hannity and Fox & Friends say militias should not stage armed protests at state houses, leave the Nazi flags at home. Wisconsin SCOTUS Judge Rebecca Bradley compares stay-home orders to WWII internment. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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