The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts Chryl Laird (@chryllaird), Assistant Professor of Political Science at Bowdoin College, to discuss her book Steadfast Democrats: How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behaviorwhich explains why African-Americans are the most unified voting bloc in American history.

On today's show: Trump attacks press and Maggie Habermann in press conference on Covid-19 progress.

Chryl Laird (@chryllaird), Assistant Professor of Political Science at Bowdoin College, joins Sam to discuss her book Steadfast Democrats: How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior. Greater social mobility for African-Americans has led to greater political diversity, with a third now identifying as ideologically conservative. But African-American voters remain the most solidly Democratic voting bloc in the US, with 80-90% identifying as Democrats. Laird explicates the factors shaping this reality, with a particular attention to the guardrails put in place by community and social cohesion.

On the fun half: Canadian demonstrates how easy it is to apply for assistance in Canada. Healthcare workers lead counter-protest in Denver against shelter-in-place protestors. How would video games get made in a post-capitalist society? Journalist Weija Jiang asks about travel from China, Trump says he cut it off, but the failure since then is the issue. Asked why he delayed DPA a month when hospitals have been asking for swabs, Trump says DPA is "a big hammer" and that governors could get supplies themselves "very easily." Donald Trump is now a YouTube news show. Newt Gingrich says Pelosi and Schumer probably wouldn't mind if the economy crashed and people suffered. Kevin McCarthy says you can't rule out that Dems are trying to crash the economy to help Biden in November. Judge Jeanine says China will not destroy this country with "a Wuhan virus," says we need to punish China. Judge Jeanine says the models have been off the whole time and people are suffering: "What about the rest of us?" Plus, your calls and IMs!

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