The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts Benjamin Dixon of the Benjamin Dixon Show to break down the week's top stories and what's next for Americans as states prepare plans to reopen society.

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Benjamin and Sam discuss the disconnect between the stock market, the real economy, and the corporate consolidation that it will bring. Furthermore, the two explore why the Democrats are offering such a limited set of proposals to help working people during this crisis. Sam posits that this may be part of the Democrats' general election strategy against Trump--offer nothing, make the election a referendum on the Donald Trump presidency. Conservatives are also becoming restless over states' shelter in place orders. The DeVos family has organized protests in critical states like Michigan to show anger at Democratic leaders like Gretchen Whitmer and others. Sam and Benjamin conclude their conversation considering the names floated for a potential Biden administration.

And in the Fun Half: a GMO question from left field, the meatpacking covid19 crisis, our testing apparatus is non-existent, Trump blows off testing, Oprah's fake TV doctors are harming the public health, a look into the mind of a Q member on Gorka's show, Dave Rubin gets pushback from a Fox News commentator, the left's approach to electoral politics, and Ross Perot gives 3rd party advice from heaven, plus your calls and IMs!

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