The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts Alex Pareene, staff writer at The New Republic and host of "The Politics of Everything," and comedian Andy Kindler to break down the week's most important stories and Dennis Miller's whereabouts.

Sam and Alex begin their discussion with an autopsy of the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders's decision to suspend his campaign, and the Democratic party's victory over the Sanders left. Pareene explains why high information Democratic voters' inherent trust of corporate news is such an obstacle for progressive insurgent candidates. Looking forward to the general election, Sam posits that the Biden campaign message will mirror the Democrats' 2018 House election message, namely, Stop Trump, with little else to offer voters. Sam and Alex discuss the Democratic party's leadership vacuum, what comes after Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden, and their failure of imagination for this moment of crisis. Finally, Sam and Alex conclude their conversation with Biden's "concessions" to Sanders' supporters, which turn out to be concessions to Biden's core constituents. 

Andy Kindler then joins Sam to discuss Dennis Miller's recent appearance on the Rubin Report, and why Dennis Miller hates himself. 

And in the Fun Half: what not voting for Biden won't do, Don Peebles doesn't understand the flatten the curve principal, when you take on investment risk you have to take the losses, it seems like Brian Kilmeade has a friend with a struggling restaurant, California fast-food workers are striking for working conditions, plus your calls and IMs!

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