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Sam hosts Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes, and comedian H. Jon Benjamin. 

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On today's show:

Chris Hayes and Sam Seder discuss their upstate retreats and how the age of Covid19 is bringing us back to the age of household production, like baking bread. The two explore the absurdity and cruelty of the new PPE market and the commercial entities that are price gouging states while the federal government enables it, and we subsidize it. Hayes and Sam broaden the conversation assessing the myriad of ways the Trump may be using the pandemic as a business opportunity. So what about the Democrats? Where is Democratic leadership demanding accountability and oversight? Hayes and Sam examine the strange duality and tension between expanded unemployment benefits and zero-interest loans to small businesses that keep their staff on board. This tension and failure to small business owners and workers could be explosive, heading into the fall elections. 

H Jon Benjamin, the famous comedian and voice actor, joins Sam to discuss his career and what it's like to voice various "drawrings." Sam does his best James Lipton Inside the Actors' Studio and Behind the Music of H Jon Benjamin. Benjamin also gives Sam some advice on how to get back into showbiz. Check out Jon's Instagram fundraising drives here!

And in the Fun Half: Does it matter if Bernie stays in the race? The stunning growth of joblessness in America, Trump says the economic recession is fake and will return to normal levels, the USS Comfort is a publicity stunt, Steve Mnuchin says there's enough oversight for the stimulus, the racial disparity in Covid19 infections, comparing a democratic leadership response on a state level, considering the Biden movement and hypocrisy in politics, helping food service workers with strike demands, plus your calls and IMs!

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