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When Matt's video game takes up too much bandwidth, the MR crew accidentally broadcasts an episode of the Ken, Ken & Ken Show, the Stoughton area Number#1 Conservative, Constitutional, Anti PC, Freedom loving morning show with Scotso, the Deuce, The New Dork, and Stinky Bren Bren!

On today's show: Mitch McConnell says impeachment distracted Congress from Covid-19, compliments Tom Cotton for being first Senator to criticize Chinese. Trump says impeachment probably distracted WH efforts to combat Covid-19.

Ryan Grim (@ryangrim), a lib reporter from The Intercept, joins the KKK crew for a free exchange of ideas. If Dr. Anthony Fauci isn't talking to Hillary, why won't he turn over his phone records? Why don't libs want women like Kelly Loeffler to make money in the stock market? If "price gouging" by companies during a pandemic is bad, why is wage gouging by workers AOK?

Rich Lowry says Trump has silenced any "just the flu" arguments. Tuesday: Trump says it's never enough for some governors (re: Cuomo and ventilators). Sunday: Trump gives helpful career advice to reporter, says media should be nice to White House. Ben Shapiro says workers striking for safer conditions is the same thing as price gouging for protective equipment. Gorka says he had Covid-19 in January. James O'Keefe gets tested, says media is overblowing Covid-19 and it's just the flu. Christian Evangelist preacher, friend of arrested pastor, says he will hold Woodstock style Easter service. Call: Anthony from San Juan. My Pillow CEO says Trump is turning liberals because of Covid-19 efforts, calls critics of WH press conference "evil.” A call from Hunter Biden.

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