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Author Adam Cohen joins Sam to discuss his new book, Supreme Inequality: The Supreme Court's Fifty-Year Battle for a More Unjust America.

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On today's show: Author Adam Cohen joins Sam to discuss his new book, Supreme Inequality: The Supreme Court's Fifty-Year Battle for a More Unjust AmericaIn 1969, President Richard Nixon launched a reactionary attack on the Supreme Court, appointing conservative judges and dismantling the liberal majority that had, under Chief Justice Earl Warren, made landmark decisions in favor of the rights of the poor and racial minorities. Cohen traces the radical rightward swing of the courts that continues to this day, and makes prescriptions for what Democrats should (but have yet to) do to reverse it. Only when Democrats let go of the idea that the courts should be apolitical will they be able to effectively fight back.

On the fun half: Judge Jeanine is drunk on her show. Larry Kudlow asked why he said the virus was contained last month: "I'm as good as the facts are." Biden says it's "too harsh" to say Trump has blood on his hands. Dr. Anthony Fauci says we could see 100k-200k Covid-19 related deaths. Trump says government response will have been a success if only 200k people die from Covid-19. Mindy tells of her Twitter ban; follow her new account at @MaydayMindy1. Asked why GOP-led Florida got all requested supplies and Dem-led states have not, Trump says governors are happy. Trump attacks a CNN reporter for asking about when he said he wants Democratic governors to be more “appreciative.” DECEMBER 4: Constitutional law scholar during impeachment lays out why withholding aid is impeachable. Trump suggests maybe  NY hospital workers are stealing masks. Kowalski on why he thinks Trump will get re-elected. What the heck is up with Cliff? Fox & Friends mailbag question asks Trump about "special interests" in stimulus packages, Trump says Democrats are trying to make "levels of voting" such that Repulicans never win another election.

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