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Access a database of Covid-19 mutual aid groups in Australia here (

Organized and United Residents of Michigan City is a community group organizing mutual aid projects and legislative demands in Michigan City, IN. Find out more at

Go here to donate to journalist Hunter Walker's fund to support housekeepers and day laborers suffering from loss of income (

Thinklab has a collection of Covid-19 related fundraisers at

Follow @OaklandNurse on Twitter for updates from an ER nurse at a county hospital in Oakland, CA who is also the president of his SEIU Local 1021 chapter

Check out CareerOneStop for info on applying for Covid-19 specific benefits (

The AFL-CIO has a state-by-state database of resources for workers affected by Covid-19 at

For info on applying for Medicaid, visit

Covid Collections is an initiative in NY/NJ which picks up small batch donations of extra PPE and delivers them to healthcare providers and facilities in need (

Next Gen America helps young people navigate the process of voting in elections (

On today's show:

Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst), of The Nomiki Show, joins Sam to discuss the political and economic aspects of the Covid-19 crisis. Covid's impact on small businesses. Trump downplays New York's ventilator needs on Hannity. Ainsley Earhardt questions if NY really needs that many ventilators, says now is not the time for Cuomo to play the blame game. Is Trump saving the federal government's supply of ventilators for swing states? AOC slams the Senate's corporate bailout bill on house floor. The privatization that goes on under disaster capitalism. Will New York's Democratic primary be moved back or eliminated? Jamie returns for a discussion of former staffer Tara Reade's new sexual assault allegation against Biden.

On the fun half: Film Guy Matthew stops by to recommend some films: Zero Mostel plays a bad guy in Elia Kazan's 1950 noir "Panic in the Streets." Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin star in Zach Braff's 2017 heist comedy "Going In Style." The recently deceased have just one week to choose one memory to keep for eternity in Hirokazu Koreeda's 1998 fantasy-drama "Afterlife." Jeff Bridges stars in John Huston's 1972 neo-noir boxing drama "Fat City." And Candid Camera's 1970 hidden camera style reality film "What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?" provides a window into the casual misogyny of the time.

Trump says nobody could've prepared for this, that he inherited a broken situation, and he doesn't need the Deference Production Act. Trump says "things are being considered" for people with no health insurance, "a lot of different things." 2017: Steve Bannon says Trump's goal is the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” Matt Walsh, Daily Wire Christian-in-Chief, draws false equivalence between auto deaths & Covid-19 mortality projections. Dennis Prager skeptical of quarantine effectiveness, says quarantine should only stay in effect if death toll surpasses flu numbers (30,000 -50,000).

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