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Alex Sammon (@alex_sammon), staff writer at the American Prospect, joins Sam to discuss the Covid-19 stimulus and his new piece, "It’s Time to Nationalize the Airlines."

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Alex Sammon (@alex_sammon), staff writer at the American Prospect, joins Sam to discuss the Covid-19 stimulus and his new piece, "It’s Time to Nationalize the Airlines." In light of the Covid-19 crisis, the Republicans want to offer the airline industry a no-strings-attached bailout; the Democrats' bailout has some strings, but not many. Tracing the history of airlines in the US, paying special attention to their deregulation under President Carter, Sammon makes the case that nationalizing the airlines would be the best option for the public good and perhaps even the airlines themselves.

US unemployment may hit 30% this summer (it was 25% during the Great Depression). Local Florida County Commissioner claims you can use a blowdryer to treat Covid-19. Covid-19 spread timeline in TN/KY.

On the fun half: Joe Biden finally releases short video on pandemic response. Trump says hospital workers should sanitize and reuse masks. Trump's WH had warnings from intel agencies going back to January, did nothing. Trump says he's not using the Defense Production Act because companies are doing the right thing anyway. Graph of Covid-19 spread in different countries shows the US is not flattening the curve. Poll: Democrats taking the pandemic more seriously than Republicans. FEMA administrator refuses to provide straight answer about shipping out the federal stockpile of masks. Why progressives should hate Andrew Cuomo. Does the MR crew wear pants when broadcasting remotely?

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