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Ryan Grim of The Intercept joins the Majority Report to discuss the 2020 Democratic Primary, the latest news on Covid19, and the government's response to the growing pandemic. Sam and Grim discuss the state of the Democratic Primary in the wake of our growing public health emergency. They discuss the implications of Trump's inaction on Covid19, how Biden and Sanders should campaign against it, and why Republicans will turn on Trump if the pandemic overwhelms the US healthcare system. Sam and Ryan take a look back at Elizabeth Warren's decisions which led to the end of her campaign, and the implications of not endorsing Sanders, including what that means for her future as a figurehead for the Progressive movement. They also dive into Warren's relationship with Sanders and her feeling that Sanders is not a skilled politician; she still sees Sanders as the rabblerousing independent Senator from Vermont, not a nationally popular politician who can reshape the Democratic party. The two conclude their conversation forecasting Sunday's one-on-one Democratic debate in Washington.

And in the Fun Half: Public Health and conservative media misinformation, Sam got overexcited with a recent spam call, Jerry Falwell Jr. says Covid19 is an overhyped biological weapon from North Korea, the Bolsonaro Covid19 test interference, Seema Verma will do everything in her power to protect Medicaid block grants, Katie Porter corners the CDC Director, and Sarah Palin is on the Masked Singer, plus your calls and IMs!

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