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Journalist Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff) joins Michael Brooks to discuss her latest in The New Republic "Joe Biden’s Sketchy Climate Record." The two discuss Biden's votes on climate and his undeserved credit for the Paris Agreement.

On today's show: Kevin McCarthy not concerned about test kits, says private company is "on the verge" of helping.

Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff), staff writer at The New Republic, joins us to discuss her latest piece, "Joe Biden’s Sketchy Climate Record." Joe Biden has attempted to take undeserved credit for the Paris Climate Agreement, but that's only the beginning of his spotty record. Rather than the total transformation of the economy that's needed, Biden still favors the Obama admin's "all of the above" strategy, which leans on tax credits and the private sector to develop green energy, rather than placing limits on extraction.

Michael on the weaponization of corruption against left governments.

On the fun half: Kowalski updates us on his Congressional run. What's up with the Working Families Party? Joe Biden speaks on the corona virus, offers no good plan. Comparison: What the right thinks socialism is vs. what socialism is. Jim Cramer says administration knows nothing. Trump will save us with low interest loans and tax cuts. C-SPAN camera still rolling after Trump's address. Flashback, March 10: Trump says it will go away. Donna Shalala plays "Fight Song" during committee hearing on COVID-19.

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