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Dave Weigel (@daveweigel), proprietor of the Washington Post's The Trailer newsletter, joins the Majority Report to preview tonight's Democratic primary contests in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, Idaho, and Washington.

On today's show: Biden says he didn't believe Iraq had WMDs. 2003: Biden says we need to take out Saddam, risk of not doing so is much greater.

Dave Weigel (@daveweigel), political reporter for The Washington Post, joins us to preview tonight's spate of Democratic primaries. The shift that's occurred since 2016 with regard to white working class voters and Bernie. How many more delegates could Bernie pick up in CA as mail-in votes are counted? How accurate are the polls this time? Steps the Biden campaign is taking to limit his exposure to the public. What's the deal with Warren's non-endorsement? The continued malfeasance of Warren's staff. Biden says he would veto m4a if passed by House and Senate. What effect will COVID-19 have on the primary and general election?

On the fun half: What is Elizabeth Warren thinking? Surrogate says Warren won't endorse Bernie because he campaigned in MA. NAFTA protestors at Biden rally in Michigan. Matt Binder supercut: Biden v. Bernie on NAFTA passage. Trish Reagan has a Trump impeachment meltdown over COVID-19. Bernie COVID-19 roundtable discusses the cost of NOT making the vaccine free. This morning: Alex Azar says he doesn't know how many people have been tested. Mike from PA calls in to rant about the progressive movement.

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