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Political scientist Davin L. Phoenix (@Davin_Phoenix) joins the Majority Report to discuss his book, The Anger Gap: How Race Shapes Emotion in Politics, and explains how anger animates political participation amongst different demographic groups in America.

On today's show: Trump visits Nashville after tornado damage, talks about boy carried by tornado.

Political scientist Davin L. Phoenix (@David_Phoenix) joins the Majority Report to discuss his book, The Anger Gap: How Race Shapes Emotion in PoliticsHow different groups respond to anger in the political sphere: older black people are less anger-driven than younger black people and whites of all ages. How Mitt Romney failed to mobilize anger. The perception/promise of progress under Obama and how it inspired young black people to ask for more. How durable will this "anger gap" be? The higher likelihood that young black people will express their political anger via non-electoral organizing like BLM.

On the fun half: Ben Carson says there's no plan for the Grand Princess docking in Oakland, says he can't share plan. CDC director Robert Redfield praises Trump. Why the CDC didn't use WHO test when there were CDC test problems. Ben Carson says not everyone needs a test. Surgeon General can't say how many Americans have been tested for COVID-19. The trajectory of COVID-19 in Italy. George Stephanopoulos asks if US should have more intensive community planning for pandemic, Ben Carson emphasizes personal responsibility. NOVEMBER: Morning Joe panel shares concern over Biden's cognitive decline. How Trump will beat Biden by suppressing Dem turnout. Don Jr. challenges Hunter Biden to a debate, says he will release his taxes. A caller on how his experience making calls for Bernie revealed Biden's vulnerability on trade.

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