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Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) of the Benjamin Dixon Show and David Roth (@david_j_roth), writer at the New Republic and formerly of Deadspin, join Sam to discuss the week in news including the state of the 2020 race and Mike Bloomberg's historic failure to buy the presidency.

On today's show: Larry Kudlow tells people not to worry about COVID-19, keep working.

Benjamin Dixon joins us to break down the Super Tuesday results. Why did older southern black voters go for Biden? The impact of endorsements. How would a Warren endorsement affect Bernie's chances? Warren cites "organized nastiness" from Sanders supporters in first interview after ending her campaign. How tone policing is being weaponized to get the left under control. Prediction: more exposure will be bad for Biden.

David J Roth (@david_j_roth) joins us to discuss the absurdity of Bloomberg's run for office. Would it have gone differently with a less personally repellent billionaire? Comparisons to "The Magic Christian," a 1959 satirical novel about a billionaire who loves humiliating people.

On the fun half: CNBC Wall Street guy says we should preemptively infect everyone with COVID-19. Trump says COVID-19 is not that bad, people can go to work. NIAID director says president is not holding CDC efforts hostage, fields questions on why we're not using the WHO's test. Mindy's theory on why boomers don't care about Biden's mental decline. Trump on Warren's campaign: she lacked talent and she's mean. Charlie Kirk calls Trump the guardian of Western civilization. Charlie Kirk claims Bernie wants to tax you 52% for m4a. 2016: Charlie Kirk attacks Trump for going after Ted Cruz's wife. Sean Spicer's new show "Spicer & Co" premieres on Newsmax! NYT ed board and Brian Williams can't do math on Bloomberg campaign spending. Hillary Rosen whitesplains MLK Jr. to Nina Turner, then apologizes for disrespecting "angry black women."

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