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Daniel Bessner, Associate Professor of American Foreign Policy at the University of Washington, joins Michael Brooks to discuss his recent piece in The New Republic, "To End Forever War, End the Dollar's Global Dominance." Brooks and Bessner begin their conversation with an autopsy of Super Tuesday and an assessment of why the Biden campaign might not be as well-positioned as the media narrative leads people to believe. Bessner also looks at the way the Boomer generation voted so overwhelmingly for Biden in Tuesday's primaries and places it in the historical context of the "American Century." Brooks and Bessner consider the political realignment on the horizon where ownership of universal programs and anti-capitalist measures are up for grabs between the nativist right-wing and the progressive left. Pivoting to Bessner's recent article, the professor explains the electorate's failure to understand it's not just US military power that perpetuates US hegemony, but also the dollar's power. Bessner says anti-imperialists should make "monetary multilateralism" a core principle; it is the only way to assure nations' autonomy in the global market and the only way to prevent the US from pursuing its global projects. 

And in the Fun Half: the Bernie campaign moving forward, Bernie's Obama ad, concerns for Biden in the general, Trump trolls Bloomberg, the President tells his Fox News constituency they can go to work if they have covid19, plus your calls and IMs!

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