The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam and the MR Crew bring you the latest headlines and stories to get you ready for Super Tuesday. Sean McElwee from Data for Progress joins to discuss the latest polls as well.

On today's show: Sam and Benjamin in Worcester MA.

Sean McElwee (@SeanMcElwee), co-founder and executive director of Data For Progress, joins us to talk South Carolina and beyond. The effect of the Clyburn endorsement. What will be the effect of Buttigieg dropping out? Would Warren dropping out help Sanders? Looking ahead to NC, VA, and TX. A vote for Warren is a vote for Biden.

On the fun half: FRIDAY: Trump calls COVID-19 the Democrats' "new hoax." Ronald Raygun bids farewell to Sam. Jon from San Antonio calls in with the latest numbers. Photo of Pence leading the COVID-19 team in prayer. Trump says he doesn't regret calling COVID-19 a hoax. Pence won't agree that he believes Democrats don't want people to get COVID-19. Alex Azar says he will take HHS whistleblower complaint very seriously. Biden says he has a game plan for his presidency, Bernie is "pie in the sky." The leftist origins of "pie in the sky." Churchgoers turn backs to Bloomberg's speech at Selma church. Trump debuts his "Mini Mike" material. Husband of LA DA pulls gun on BLM community leaders. Greek coastguard pushes back against Syrian refugees in dinghy.

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