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On today's show: Bloomberg wedges in his "joke." Bloomberg defends Xi, claims he's not a dictator. Bernie defends past comments on Cuba and China, calls out Bloomberg's support of Xi. Bloomberg slips, admits he bought Congress. Warren attacks Bloomberg on NDAs, treatment of female workers. Chris Matthews asks Warren why she believes accusations against Bloomberg. Bloomberg says he would've had more trouble amassing his fortune as a black man. Bloomberg lies about stop and frisk; judge who ordered an end to stop and frisk calls out Bloomberg, Biden's lies on MSNBC.

On the fun half: Chris Matthews issues on-air apology for comparing Sanders' NV win to Nazis taking over France: "I was wrong." Trump says US corona virus cases are down to ten. Larry Kudlow says US has contained the corona virus, economy is holding up nicely. How Democrats should capitalize on Trump's mishandling of corona virus. John Kennedy questions and berates acting DHS Secretary re: corona preparedness. Indian rioters tearing down mosque spire. Trump asked about Modi's anti-Muslim policies, says travel ban is not religious discrimination because SCOTUS said so. Project Veritas catches ABC News correspondent criticizing corporate media. Fact checking vs. capitalism. How likely is the DNC to steal the nomination from Bernie at the convention?

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