The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam and the Majority Report crew are back from their hiatus to bring you the latest news stories, including Bernie's resounding win in Nevada, Trump's latest loyalist appointment, and updates on the most crucial court decisions in 2020.

On today's show: Bernie speaks about uniting a rainbow coalition to defeat Trump at San Antonio rally. Bloomberg says he will "make the whole country behave" in musical staged at fundraiser. A wrap-up of news from over the break, including: Supreme Court cases, troubling climate change stats, Greyhound bans ICE from its buses, EPA un-bands mercury, and China's handling of the corona virus. Kris Jansen on MSNBC sighs as she reports Latinx voters voted overwhelmingly for Bernie. Warren supporter takes down sign, explains why she will support Bernie. Eric Kingsburg, elder millennial, explains to Boomer dad why young people like Sanders.

On the fun half: Pete Buttigieg's fake viral beacon light moment. Bloomberg claims he earned his billions through hard work. TikTok shows how much a billion is using rice. Bernie Sanders says maybe Bloomberg's workers helped him amass all that wealth. Warren attacks Bloomberg on sexual harassment, NDAs. Biden attacks Bloomberg on ACA. Bloomberg says cuts to safety net will keep people from overusing it. Pod John and Dan Pfeiffer says the left is "crying centrist." Jason Johnson says Bernie's WOC staffers are "island of misfit black girls." Chris Matthews says Bernie winning in Nevada is like Nazis overrunning France in 1940. Chris Matthews wonders if moderate Democrats would prefer four more years of Trump to have better candidate in 2024. Marco Rubio rails against democratic socialism. Trump says US needs to deal with LA homeless population before Olympics in 2028 (and not by giving everyone a home).

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