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On today's show: Bloomberg with Christine Lagarde at the IMF in April of 2018 on the virtues of regressive taxation. Bernie wins NH primary! Trump to AG Bill Barr: "Congratulations" for undermining Roger Stone prosecutors. Trump asked about Roger Stone, says he has an "absolute right" to tell the Justice Department what to do.

On the fun half: Jordan Peterson's daughter gives weirdass "update" on her dad's health, news outlets uncritically convey it. Bloomberg is sorry he took so long to understand the effects of stop and frisk. Jamaal Bowman, Matt Binder tweet damning facts re: Bloomberg and stop and frisk. Bloomberg's horrible record on racial justice. Mark Levin calls Bernie a "radical statist Marxist" who has never changed a tire or taken blood and is racist for moving to VT. Ben Shapiro says Bloomberg was right to defend stop and frisk and that he distrusts Trump's criminal justice reform because "a lot of these people" are going to increase the crime rate if let out of prison. Trump still blames 2016 loss in NH on voter fraud, "hundreds of buses" from MA. Van Jones comments on CNN that Bernie is a phenomenon but cable pundits won't talk about him. Sunny Hostin takes Amy Klobuchar to task for her record as a prosecutor after highlighting her lack of support from POC. Nina Turner on with Chris Hayes responds to Culinary Union leadership attacking Bernie on healthcare in NV.

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