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Happy Tuesday! We're previewing tonight's New Hampshire primary with Dave Weigel proprietor of the Trailer from the Washington Post. Looking back at the last week of electoral primary, Weigel says the most significant outcome from the Iowa app debacle was how it shifted the narrative, helping Pete Buttigieg surge in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Weigel diagnoses what went wrong with the Biden campaign and explains how the Bloomberg 2020 campaign is changing the way billionaires can dictate a primary on the Democratic side. Sam and Weigel conclude their conversation with a discussion about how to motivate voters who low-information, low-stake voters to go to the polls in November.

And in the Fun Half: an A/B comparison of how Bernie and Buttigieg approach issues of race and criminal justice, Virgil Texas calls in to give his predictions, Jamie gives us her view from the Bernie NH canvassing operation, approaching family that is resistant to understanding how voting impacts marginalize people, Verdict w/ Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles is the new podcast on the right that all leftists fear, AOC is on fire in New Hampshire, Kasie Hunt needs a progressive producer, Chris Matthews gets fact-checked by Ro Khanna, plus your calls and IMs!

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