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Happy Thursday, Michael Brooks hosts Connor Kilpatrick from the Jacobin to discuss "Mayor Pete Was the Kinda Kid Who Unplugged the Sega If He Was Losing" and the state of play in the Democratic primary and what will happen to the Pete Buttigieg campaign. Just as the interview with Connor began, Tom Perez tweeted that there would be a "recanvass" in Iowa, where the Iowa Democratic Party will double-check existing records, further delaying the final results in Iowa. The news all comes on the heels of reports that Bernie Sanders nearly closed the state delegate equivalent between himself and Pete Buttigieg. The IDP and DNC's seemingly endless failures on display this week has further illustrated the party's incompetence and the shortcomings of our current meritocratic system. Shifting gears, Michael and Connor explore Buttigieg's career history, his connections to different sources of institutional power, and why establishment Democrats have put their hopes into a college town mayor from Indiana for 2020. The two close out their conversation considering Sanders fundraising haul for January. 

And in the Fun Half: Briahna Joy Gray on the Sanders campaign organizing satellite campaign, the DNC recanvassing catastrophe, support for Omar Fateh in Minneapolis, reframing democratic socialism for 21st century Americans, Jason Johnson takes the mantle of the online billionaire-defender, the significance of Mitt Romney's vote to convict Trump on the abuse of power impeachment article, Lindsey Graham is mad, Sebastian Gorka calls Romney a millennial, we revisit Gorka's war college dissertation, inheriting the white supremacy and the "Bernie Bro" moniker, how we warp sociopolitical language and diminish its value, plus your calls and IMs! 

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