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News with MR crew and Dr. Rob Davidson (@DrRobDavidson) joins us to discuss Medicare.

On today's show: Steve Kornacki explains the convoluted Iowa caucus delegate count.

Dr. Rob Davidson (@DrRobDavidson), ER doctor and Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Medicare, joins us. Davidson discusses his confrontation with Mike Pence over "block grants," a GOP strategy to force states to make cuts to Medicaid. What block grants mean and the major upcoming votes. How the Medicaid expansion has impacted patients. The longterm damage to productivity incurred by cuts to public healthcare programs. How doctors' conversion from small business owners to wage workers has impacted their support of m4a. Find out more at

On the fun half: Trump panders to POC (but not the ones from other countries) in SOTU. Trump lies about less people on food stamps. Trump lies about protecting patients with pre-existing conditions. Trump lies about USMCA. Rush Limbaugh surprised by medal ceremony which had been reported by multiple news outlets. Would the MR crew ever vote for Bloomberg? Trump says "stankuary." A caller on how unions in Nevada may play a role in that state's primary. Nancy Pelosi applauds Juan Guaido faster than anyone else at SOTU. Pelosi tears up Trump's speech #nancytheripper. Jason Johnson gets mad at Nina Turner for calling Bloomberg an oligarch. James Carville is losing it over Bernie Sanders and Democratic strategy.

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