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Happy Thursday! Michael Brooks is back to host the Majority Report and is joined by Meagan Day to discuss her recent pieces in the Jacobin“How to Clean Up the Welfare State” and “Joe Biden’s Checkered Ethical History Is Fair Game for Criticism.” 

Michael and Meagan begin their conversation discussing the importance of door-knocking before your state’s primary. Meagan recounts her conversations with potential voters in California and how she discovered most voters are undecided, and organizers can have a significant impact on persuading them. Michael and Meagan go on to consider the Democratic primary and what the two frontrunners, Biden and Sanders, would look like matched up against Trump. Meagan points out that Trump has been giving a lot of attention to “Crazy Bernie” on the stump. She welcomes a 2020 election that centers whether or not it’s “crazy” to provide healthcare to all, climate justice, and other human rights. To Meagan, there’s a clear distinction between Trump and Bernie’s record on corruption and advocating for working people.

Conversely, Meagan argues, Biden does not offer such a clear difference between himself and Trump. She and Michael layout Biden's record of corruption and his efforts to reform social security. Biden's history makes him an easier target for Trump in a general election and would reinforce the impression that there's little distinction between the two candidates and not bring people to the polls. Michael and Megan conclude their conversation addressing the perception of the American welfare state and how expanding universal programs would help strengthen support for it. 

And in the Fun Half: TBT Biden's history of plagiarism, Bloomberg ads on MR videos, Klobuchar's damaging DA history, Jared Kushner and Netanyahu have no respect for the human rights of Palestinians, the utility of leftists appearing on Fox News programs, notes from the ground in Iowa, Bloomberg's NDA silencing, Big Gay Ice Cream is the best, plus your calls and IMs!

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