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Happy Wednesday! Sam  breaks down the latest headlines including the rash of anti-Bernie op-eds and ads landing just days before the Iowa Caucus. The arguments put forth by Jonathan Chait and David Frum fail to recognize the reality of the 2020 election and that its focus will center Donald Trump and defeating him. Their belief that Bernie Sanders is a uniquely unelectable candidate is unfounded for a variety of reasons all of which Sam explores in today's episode.

And in the Fun Half: reports from the Women's March in North Carolina, Kowalski defends the military budget in theory, the White House says Bolton's book contains top secret information that can't be revealed, some boots-on-the-ground reporting from Iowa, Libertarian Corn Pop calls in, Ronald Raygun explains the new Public Charge laws, college admission changes, Mindy's ex-husband loves Joe Rogan and will vote for Bernie,  plus your calls and IMs!

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