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Happy Monday, MR listeners! We're back with a full slate of news and joined by Nomiki Konst of the Nomiki Show.

On today's show: Trump reveals the moment he became pro-life at March For Life. Mitt Romney wants to hear from John Bolton. Bernie is surging in Iowa! Last week: Biden lies about freezing social security: "I didn't propose a freeze." Sunday: Biden defends stance on social security cuts/freezes: "That was over 20 years ago." Bernie won't apologize for critique of Biden's record on social security.

On the fun half: Kilmeade says it's a shame Bolton's manuscript was leaked, almost wrapped trial without any contention for witnesses. Sen. Mike Braun says his gut tells him nothing anyone said has changed his mind on impeachment...not particularly moved by Bolton. Bloomberg jokes at Jewish rally in Florida, says Bernie wants to turn America into a kibbutz. 2018: Trump says he was most concerned with Hillary picking Bernie as a running mate. Nomiki on what DNC committees do, how they could screw over Bernie. A caller on canvassing in Iowa. Ben Shapiro: "the left has canceled my friend Joe Rogan for praising Bernie Sanders!"

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