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On today's show: Chris Coons is setting himself up to be a power broker, block progressive agenda. Donate to his primary challenger at! Biden rejects the claim that Bernie is ahead of the VP with black voters under age 35. Trump still complaining about Schiff paraphrasing, says WH has all the material. Jay Sekulow resentful of "lawyer lawsuits;" Adam Schiff responds. John Roberts reprimands lawyers/impeachment managers, reminds Senators of the dignity of the Senate.

On the fun half: Sam and Jamie speak with a surprisingly reasonable libertarian. Biden ad attacks Bernie ad on social security, says he's wanted to protect SS his entire career, will increase benefits. Bernie ad features audio of Biden saying he wants to cut SS in the '90s. 2008: Joe Biden says "absolutely" you have to put SS on the table. Joe Rogan says he'll vote for Bernie...wishes he'd pick Tulsi as running mate. Buttigieg has his "please clap" moment in NH. Josh from Chicago on canvassing in NH. How to support the Palm Beach County Tenants Union: Kowalski invites Sam to a Polish heritage festival. Biden gets defensive with journalist re: Bernie's apology. A caller on the material origins of right-wing populism.

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