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Good Wednesday morning, we're back from last night's debate coverage and ready to bring you the latest news on impeachment, our breakdown of Iowa debate, and the rest of the day's headlines.

On today's show: Trump says energy efficient lightbulb makes people look orange. Trump goes after energy efficient appliances. Warren refuses to shake Bernie's hand after debate. Karen Finney is upset about Bernie and his bros. Mika calls out CNN moderator Abby Phillips for framing questions to Bernie/Warren about their conversation. Amy Klobuchar forgets governor's name. Bernie talks Iraq, Vietnam, wars based on lies.

On the fun half: The View takes on Bernie bros, relitigate 2016, McMeghan says he hurt Hillary, has a problem with women. Stephen King anti-Collins billboard van parked outside his home, and hers. Brit Hume says Bolton testimony, whatever he says, won't move GOP senators. Schiff says Parnas documents show Giuliani was working in Ukraine with Trump's consent. November: Gun girl gets owned at Rutgers.

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