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Nathan J. Robinson (@NathanJRobinson), editor of Current Affairs, joins us to discuss his book, Why You Should Be a Socialist.

On today's show: An update on the fires in Australia. US government may start collecting people's DNA at borders. Kellyanne Conway spins Trump's tweet threatening to destroy Iranian cultural sites.

Nathan J. Robinson joins us to discuss his book, Why You Should Be a Socialist. Social democracy vs. democratic socialism. How utopian visions of a better world can be useful to those trying to make change. The "human nature" critique. The inhumanity of social Darwinism. Workplace tyranny vs. democracy. What's conservatism? What's liberalism? "What if the social safety net becomes a hammock?" and other critiques of socialism. The need to change the nature of work. The effects of Occupy Wall Street and Bernie Sanders. Why Bernie is a more "electable" candidate than both Biden and Warren.

On the fun half: WH press secretary Stephanie Grisham says Americans should trust our intelligence agencies now. Ron Johnson laments impeachment process, says relationships with foreign leaders will be impossible. Bernie goes after Biden directly for his role in Iraq War, the bankruptcy bill, cutting social security. Biden says nobody understood how Obamacare was going to work. Jon from San Antonio calls in with promising poll results for Bernie. Daily Wire host can't stand Netflix show where women fight with swords. Evangelical pastors perform laying of hands for Trump at rally. Trump takes a War on Christmas victory lap Jan 3rd. Warren shuts down Meghan McCain's defense of Trump on Iran on the View, still calls Soleimani a terrorist. Bernie compares current situation with Iran to the lead up to 2003 Iraq War. Pete Hegseth says he'd destroy Iranian cultural sites.

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