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Happy New Year! The MR crew is back to catch you up on the headlines of the past ten days. Sam opens 2020 with a look ahead of what to expect from the Majority Report before the November's general elections, including live coverage of debates, the Iowa caucus, and Super Tuesday. In Washington, while Pelosi and McConnell remain at loggerheads with impeachment proceedings, vulnerable Republicans in purple states are hedging on a "no witness" trial. Meanwhile, Democrats in red states are standing their ground and publicly supporting a full trial in the Senate. Switching gears to the 2020 campaign, Sam looks at a Biden clip from a recent speech in New Hampshire where the former Vice President shares his feelings on running on a split ticket with a GOP running mate. Looking at the broader 2020 Democratic field, the crew breaks down Andrew Yang's commitment to Medicare for All, which doesn't offer something as meager as a public option. Sam closes out the free half of the show analyzing how Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran functions as war hawk virtue signaling.

And in the Fun Half: Mindy gets the first call of 2020 and wants to talk about Bernie's fundraising! Exploring the relationship between Bernie and MSNBC "road warrior" Vaughn Hillyard, a question about animal ethics puts Sam "in a bit of a corner," seems like Mike Bloomberg doesn't remember the Central Park Five and their lawsuit he fought while NYC Mayor, Ivanka Trump gets a holiday fluff interview on Face the Nation, Sam explains his Twitter back-and-forth with Norm Ornstein, plus your calls and IMs!

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