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On today's show the MR team brings you the news and Lori Wallach (@WallachLori) makes the case for the new NAFTA. Wallach who founded the Public Citizen Global Trade Watch explains the valuable parts of the new NAFTA including the gutting of the Investor State Dispute Settlement which corporations have extracted almost $400 million from North American taxpayers after attacks on environmental and health policies before ISDS tribunals comprised of three corporate lawyers. Wallach argues that "a U.S. pact largely eliminates extreme ISDS protections for foreign investors and anti-democratic tribunals sends a signal worldwide about the illegitimacy of the ISDS regime." Sam and Wallach also discuss the politics of the USMCA and how it will play with voters in 2020 presidential election.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Barbara Boxer debate the politics of the USMCA and ossification of Democratic thinking from the party's past generation of leaders, support the Cost of Living Adjustment strike at UCSC:, Trump hints at desire to categorize Judaism as a nationality, and your calls and IMs.


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