The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Brandon Sutton a.k.a. Chad Vigorous (@PrettyBadLefty), host of The Discourse, and David Feldman (@David_Feldman_), host of The David Feldman Show, join us for Casual Friday.

On today's show: Doug Collins says it's unfair to question how Trump framed his diplomacy with Zelensky. Pelosi announces plans for house judiciary to draft articles of impeachment. Sam's case for why Biden's anti-Trump ad is bad. Joe Biden in 1988 says he has a higher IQ than questioner at town hall. Biden tells Sunrise activist to go vote for someone else.

David Feldman (@David_Feldman_) gives the MR crew a lesson in civility. Buttigieg compares national debt to climate change, says Dems need to take debt seriously.

On the fun half: Bernie Sanders explains why free college should be universal. Is Pete Buttigieg even smart? Firefighters in Paris push back cops amid nationwide general strike. Could we ever have a general strike in the US? 2011 Purdue pharma opioid sales rep song shows the corniness of evil.

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