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Sam is out today, Michael Brooks hosts Professor Djene Bajalan to discuss the growing protests in Iraq and Iran.

On today's show: Boris Johnson BBC edited clip of audience laughing at Johnson.

Djene Rhys Bajalan (@djenebajalan), Assistant Professor of Middle East History at Missouri State University, joins us to discuss the wave of protests in Iran and Iraq. Across the middle east, a growing discontent with the neoliberal economic order is driving people into the streets. The corruption of Shia militias in Iraq and the "opening" of Iraq to international capital. The gross inequality and cruel austerity driving protests in Iran. The effects of sanctions on Iran's economy. The state's attempts to suppress dissent. An update on the situation in Turkey and Syria.

On the fun half: Elon Musk's armored glass fails test at demonstration. A UK caller discusses the pitfalls of the private healthcare industry and an underfunded NHS. Labor MP John McDonnell calls out Richard Dearlove on WMDs and disastrous Iraq war. Pete Buttigieg says inner city kids need more role models of people education has worked for. Bernie dances with all the ladies after NH rally. Devin Nunes says he's suing CNN for reporting that Nunes was in Vienna with Ukrainian prosecutor. Giuliani says Trump won't throw him under the bus: "I have insurance." An update on the coup in Bolivia. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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