The Majority Report with Sam Seder

MR covers the impeachment hearings live.

On today's show: Vindman speaks to father about speaking truth to power. Williams on July 25th call, what the committee has asked her, and what she found unusual. Schiff shoots down the theory that Giuliani was freelancing. Vindman retells Bolton "drug deal" story, Vindman explains why he went to NSC IG after July call. Goldman walks Vindman through Trump's call, its lack of official US policy, Bidens. Goldman lays out April to May timeline. Schiff ties Giuliani investigations to Trump referring to Giuliani. Devin Nunes entering right wing conspiracies for the official record.

On the fun half: Josh from Chicago on Warren's disappointing "m4a" plan. Should Dems put everything important in one package? Lady Colin Campbell, British socialite, defends Prince Andrew, claims "pedophilia" is different from hiring an underage prostitute. Andrew Yang's personal high hopes dance: "technology!" Plus, your calls!

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