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Journalist and author Nicholas Shaxson (@nickshaxson) joins us to discuss his new book, The Finance Curse: How Global Finance Is Making Us All Poorer.

On today's show: Jamie Dimon says he can't solve problems of wealth inequality with his compensation.

Nicholas Shaxson (@nickshaxson) joins us to discuss his new book, The Finance Curse: How Global Finance Is Making Us All Poorer. How the world's major powers (minus the Soviet Union) established a postwar Keynesian economic consensus and imposed restrictions on finance at the Bretton Woods conference in 1944. The subsequent boom in economic growth. The rise of the private equity model and the use of tax havens by corporate interests. How the economy became increasingly financialized and what people can do to fight back.

On the fun half: Bret Stephens and Anthony Scaramucci on why Bloomberg 2020 makes sense. Pramila Jayapal explains why "choice" in private healthcare is a fallacy. Joe Biden is going to stick it to "Boldesero." Lula speaks on Bolsonaro. John Bercow: "I do not believe Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic." Alabama student fakes being Trump supporter to say Epstein didn't kill himself. Don Jr., Charlie Kirk, & Kimberly Guilfoyle chanted down at book tour event. Trump on why he wanted DoJ to investigate Bidens/corruption in Ukraine. A call from the Little Rock teachers' strike. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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