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Good morning, joining Michael Brooks on today's Majority Report is Professor Mohamad Junaid to discuss the on-going situation in Kashmir. Brooks and Junaid begin their conversation with an overview of Kashmiri history, including its constitutional autonomy and the recent decisions by Modi's government to revoke the region's relative independence. Junaid explains that the Modi regime wants demographic transformation in Kashmir, moving Hindu Indians into the territory as a means to make way for industrialists to exploit natural resources and development opportunities in the region. Brooks and Junaid describe the Kashmiri history behind self-determination, and why the historiography of "India v. Pakistan" is not only misleading but erases the Kashmiri people and feeds into Indian and Pakistani nationalism. Broadening the conversation, Junaid explains the extent to which China has been a player in the Kashmir conflict over the past half-century. China has not been a stabilizing diplomatic force in the region despite its vast economic and trade interests in South Asia. Considering the nuclear threat and potential for "hot war" in Kashmir, how should the global community respond? Junaid argues that the rise of right-wing populism does not help the situation in Kashmir. He posits that our democratic institutions need to be more representative of our societies as a whole. A holistic approach centered on economic rights and human rights is the best antidote to the rash of right-wing populism taking hold of governments across the globe.

And in the Fun Half: Ronald Raygun on Bernie Sanders' immigration plan, Bernie's workers Bill of Rights, Glenn Greenwald is assaulted by a Bolsonaro press apparatchik,  Dan Crenshaw values Israeli alliance over the 1st Amendment, Trump tells his supporters "we are the elite," Hillary and Chelsea are yucking it up with Trevor Noah about Jeffrey Epstein, Jesse Watters' mom is ashamed of her son, Laura Ingraham playing her old "demographic changes" white supremacy, Julian Castro roasts Mayo Pete on the Daily Show, plus your calls and IMs!

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