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Digby a.k.a. Heather Parton (@digby56) of and David Roth, former Deadspin editor, join us.

On today's show: Joe Rogan has had it with "classical liberals."

Digby (@digby56) a.k.a. Heather Parton, of and Hullabaloo, joins us to discuss the latest impeachment news. Also: Elizabeth Warren's Medicare-for-all plan.

David J. Roth (@david_j_roth), former editor of the recently gutted Deadspin, joins us to discuss the sad fate of his website and the media business in general. The untimely execution of Gawker and subsequent desecration of its corpse by Univision. The false idea that journalists don't know how to run their own business. The pugnacious, erratic CEO Jim Spanfeller and how he terrorized (and ultimately ruined) Deadspin. The inherent grift of the big tech business model.

On the fun half: Chilean protester disables surveillance camera, is caught by crowd. Elderly couple applauds protesters in Chile. Katie Hill's final address at the House of Representatives. Alaska Rep. Don Young head butts constituent asking questions. Your Kickstarter Sucks and Chris James on the power of the Majority Report fanbase. Ken Klippenstein's reporting on internal FBI memos re: "black identity extremists" entered into the Congressional record. Ayanna Pressley asks Cuccinelli about WH decision to end medical deferred action for deportees. Plus, your IMs!

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