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On today's show: Tucker Carlson and Dave Rubin blame diversity and "woke" culture for California fires. Vindman testifies the Ukraine phone call transcripts have omissions he tried to correct. Police arrest Chicago teachers engaged in civil disobedience. Sex trafficking victim sues hotel chain for profiting off of sex trafficking. Rex Tillerson to appear in court for Exxon climate change case.

On the fun half: Meghan McCain dares Cory Booker to try to take her brother's gun away. Bill Hammer'd can't figure out this new NCAA student athlete pay resolution. A report from the Chicago teachers' strike. Biden gets laughs saying his hypothetical daughter pulled over by cops would be Caucasian. South Bend black community calling for release of South Bend police tapes. Kimmel mashes up Obama & Trump Bin Laden & al-Baghdadi speech. Has Trump cleared the way for the next president to reset foreign policy? A caller reports on the impending teachers' strike in Little Rock, AR.

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