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Happy Yom Kippur! It's a Michael/Sam hybrid Wednesday featuring a recent interview Sam did with former North Carolina Representative Brad Miller on his latest piece in the American Prospect, "The 40-Year War: William Barr’s long struggle against congressional oversight."

On today's show: Bernie announces he's reducing number of 2020 campaign events.

Bradley Miller, former House Rep. from North Carolina's district 13, joins us to discuss his latest piece in the American Prospect, "The 40-Year War: William Barr’s long struggle against congressional oversight." In this piece, Miller explains how the US Attorney General and others on the right have sought to concentrate authority in the presidency and strip power from the legislature. Through this history, he contextualizes Trump's sweeping claims to unlimited executive power.

On the fun half: A caller describes her political journey and the crew discusses the failures of 1960s counterculture. World of Warcraft gamer Blitzchung calls for Hong Kong liberation. Joe DiGenova slams "illegitimate" impeachment inquiry that "violates due process." Turkish jets taking off in Diyarbakir for Northern Syria. Ecuador protests in Quito. Steven Reed becomes first black mayor of Montgomery, Alabama. Jesse Lee Peterson makes Cameo video about BETA Crowder's cold feet!

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