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On today's show, Robert Kuttner (@rkuttnerwrites) founder of The American Prospect joins the Majority Report to discuss his new book, The Stakes: 2020 and the Survival of American Democracy. 

Kuttner and Sam begin their conversation considering the Trump presidency in terms of his cabinet members. Kuttner says the "establishment" cabinet members that have left were the primary actors keeping Trump from enacting his most anti-democratic policies. Kuttner believes that without a robust economic progress Democratic opponent in 2020, Trump will win a second term and dismantle American democracy beyond repair. While Trump appears to be a unique threat to democracy, Kuttner argues that Democrats have been equally bad in presenting an alternative vision. Democrats got into bed with Wall St under the Clinton and Obama administration which helped lay the groundwork for a Trump presidency that tied racial resentment to economic anxiety borne out of the great recession. Looking ahead to next year's election, Kuttner and Sam discuss the latest Iowa polling showing Warren's momentum growing, and how the Trump/Biden race looks now that the Ukraine whistleblower story is all over the headlines. Considering the prisoner's dilemma of the Sanders and Warren campaigns, Kuttner and Sam speculate on what happens to the progressive left if and when the teams begin to attack one another. The two conclude their interview considering what the best way to manage capitalism under a future left-progressive presidential administration, how Democrats should proceed with impeachment and the possibility of a brokered convention in Milwaukee next summer.    

And in the Fun Half: Nancy Pelosi's "Dear Colleague" letter, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani aren't quite on the same page about using aid to bribe Ukraine's president, Greta Thunberg exposes the hypocrisy of today's world leaders, Keeanga Yamatta Taylor shares her thoughts on black support for Bernie Sanders, Democrats are not suited to advocate for their constituents, dealing with political dissent amongst friends, starting a progressive media platform, plus your calls and IMs!

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