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Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon), host of the Benjamin Dixon Show, joins us to break down the news, and we get on on the ground report from the Climate Strike!

On today's show: Fox News question why students are marching, Trump campaign member says they're compelled.

Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) joins us to break down the news. Adam Schiff reads from intel community IG letter regarding whistleblower. Why is Pelosi flubbing the impeachment issue? What are the intra-left squabbles? Who's voting Biden and how to get them to vote for Bernie? Why did the WFP endorse Warren?

Chief youth correspondent Myla Seder joins us with a live, on-the-ground report from the scene of the climate strike. The size of the march, the signs. How much are kids talking about climate change? Spoiler alert: a lot.

On the fun half: Billy Bragg vs. Eric Weinstein on the topic of free speech. Weinstein goes on Rogan, complains about Sam's treatment of Dave Rubin. Delaney says we need to work with GOP on carbon tax to save the environment. Former CMS official explains why public option won't relieve healthcare costs. Mayor Pete goes after Warren on healthcare plan, says she's evasive. Labor Secretary nominee Eugene Scalia evades question on paycheck fairness legislation. Dan Crenshaw ignores and hides from vets who question his support of Trump. Ben Shapiro laments Oxford English Dictionary adding "they/them" as a pronoun. Instances of Ben Shapiro using "they" as singular. Straight pride parade press conference. Straight pride parade cost Boston PD nearly $700,000 in overtime. Trump says the whistleblower is a partisan whistleblower, his conversation with Ukraine was "a beautiful conversation."

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