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The Majority Report crew brings you the day's top stories with special guest Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst).

On today's show: Tucker says John Bolton is "a man of the left." Rudy Giuliani pays tribute to 9/11 and America with fashy video from vet apparel company. AOC calls for impeachment vote for the record, calls out Pelosi. North Carolina redistricting is a literal lottery drawing. Dan Bishop hits all the right wing talking points at Monday Trump rally. Nomiki on which voters can be swayed to go for Bernie.

On the fun half: CNBC anchors share banks' fears of Elizabeth Warren presidency. Demonstrators outside Chris Coons' office to protest Steven Menashi judicial appointment. A Marxist-Leninist caller questions the likelihood that we can use our current liberal democracy to save the world. M4a advocate Ady Barkan questions Kamala Harris on her Medicare plan. Supporters of AB-5 cheer victory for app-based workers in CA capitol. On the possibility of future terror attacks, Trump threatens force greater than nuclear weapons. Ayanna Pressley on debt despair suicide and debt crisis.

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