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Journalist Emily Guendelsberger, author of 'On the Clock: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and How It Drives America Insane,' joins us.

On today's show: Stuart Varney says Democrats raising the minimum wage to $15/hour is "basically" vote buying. Ainsley Earhardt once again brings up her friend's mayo restaurant.

Journalist Emily Guendelsberger joins us to discuss her new book, 'On the Clock: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and How It Drives America Insane.'  In the tradition of Barbara Ehrenreich's 'Nickel and Dimed,' Guendelsberger worked low-wage jobs at Amazon, McDonalds, and a call center, each of which represents a growing sector of the economy. Incorporating personal experience, interviews with workers, statistics, and psychology, she paints a disturbing picture of the threat to human health and happiness posed by corporate giants incentivized to treats their workers like robots.

On the fun half: Hannity and Bongino collaborate to end school shootings with retired cop patrol. Ben Shapiro says we'll have dumb political fights over gun control instead of reform. Brian Kilmeade defends 'invasion' term allegedly used by El Paso suspect. Beto tells press he can't call out Trump by himself, press needs to call out racism. Eddie Glaude Jr. explains American exceptionalism and why we're always shocked by our innate racism and dark past.

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