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On today's show, Alex Pareene joins us to discuss Mitch McConnell, election security, and why Marianne Williamson's platform is more durable than politicos think. We're live at noon eastern time.

In his first day back from debate coverage, Sam assesses the Sanders/Warren coalition and the wide-ranging demographics the two candidates cover. Alex Pareene explains Joe Biden's declining on-stage performance and why attacks from Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are beneficial to progressive left candidates like Warren and Sanders. While Biden is still in pole position, every candidate right of Sanders and Warren is taking his or her shot at the former vice president. Sam then explores the Sanders campaign strategy and its focus on organizing labor forces across the country. The progressives are ascending, and roles have flipped. The progressives have been center stage, and the centrist technocrats are on the outside.

Democrats have crossed a threshold with 118 Democratic Caucus members now in support of impeachment. Sam and Alex discuss what Pelosi will do now that the majority of her caucus supports impeachment proceedings. Next, Alex and Sam breakdown Mitch McConnell's resistance to the Senate's election security bills and why McConnell will fight to the death to keep money in politics. Likewise, why do Americans seem apathetic to expanding voting rights or securing election integrity?

Judy Gold joins Sam with a litany of rage. Some of her targets: Mitch McConnell, Trump's racism, Bill de Blasio's sideburns, MAGA people in her audience, Democratic indecision and infighting, and CNN's masturbatory patriotism. Judy wishes Jerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer would take a page out of Bernie Sanders' book on rage and mobilizing voters. Marianne Williamson's self-help is only for the rich and is all bullshit. But, ending on something positive, Judy says look to Puerto Rico's mass mobilization is something to aspire towards--get out there and do something!

And in the Fun Half: appreciating Bill O'Reilly's prose, taking the temperature of the disengaged electorate, the first Pareene "pause it," Jesse Watters praises Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield, Nikki Haley bravely uses emojis to protest Donald Trump's ambient racism, the Trump rally crowd applauds black attendees, Trump remembers the USSR, but not the Warsaw Uprising, and why TPP could sink an "electable" Democratic candidate in a general election against Trump, Jeff in Georgia offers himself up as a running mate to Sam's Libertarian ticket, plus your calls and IMs!

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