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Good morning, Djene Bajalan joins Michael Brooks to discuss the current state of Turkey and Erdogan's role in the Middle East. Plus, how might a Democratic president approach diplomatic relations with Erdogan's government? Michael and Djene kick off their discussion with an assessment of the Democratic field's foreign policy agendas. Djene believes the way forward on progressive foreign policy is taking a more holistic approach which goes beyond condemning interventionism and endless imperialism. Instead, it's time to start providing plans to keep bad actors like Saudi Arabia from escalating tensions in the Middle East, like Sanders' plan to withhold aid and arms sales. Michael and Djene then compare and contrast Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders' track record on foreign policy, with Warren's institutional pedigree and Sanders' citizen diplomacy. Djene next breaks down Tulsi Gabbard's center-left, anti-intervention foreign policy, and its inconsistencies like her relationships with Bashar al-Assad and Narendra Modi. Switching gears, Djene explores the latest round of Turkish elections which saw significant gains for opposition parties to Erdogan. The government has challenged these election results, and in some cases wiped election results and arranged new elections. Michael and Djene conclude their conversation considering Erdogan and his government as the prototype for global authoritarianism which has spanned over the world.

And in the Fun Half: Chris Matthews is a quant now, Bill de Blasio grills Biden on Obama's immigration record, Cory Booker explains why Biden's immigration stance plays into Republicans' immigration agenda, Neera Tanden says Democratic voters can't criticize the establishment if they want to win, Pharma is fighting M4A and the public option because why not, why Mike Gravel was snubbed from the CNN debates, Cornel West diagnoses the neoliberal panic in the Democratic party, Tulsi Gabbard lays out Kamala Harris' prosecutorial record very plainly, Marianne Williamson's constituents convince her to support M4A, CNN protects America's never-ending war policy, why Jay Inslee should remain on the debate stage, weighing the Sanders campaign against the Warren campaign, Ronald Reagan confirms he is in fact racist, Ben Shapiro says Flint was not a product of structural racism, plus your calls and IMs!

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