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On today's show: Trump says he's the least racist person in the world. Trump says "the African American people" have been calling the White House, thanking him. Rush Limbaugh assures Fox & Friends audience that Trump is "not a racist." CNN pollster does centrism, says establishment Dems are worried Sanders and Warren are going too far left for the mainstream. (Counterpoint: the latest poll numbers.) Former Obama advisor Robert Wolf says most of the Dem candidates are moderates. Bernie pushes back on Kamala's "m4a" plan. Warren's trade policy proposal.

On the fun half: Nicholas Sarwark (@nsarwark), the chair of the Libertarian National Committee, joins Sam to discuss his potential run in the libertarian presidential primary. After assessing Sam's chances, the two have a spirited back and forth on healthcare policy, social security, and more.

Ben Shapiro complains about Bernie: "Greed is your religion." The crew dissects Dave Rubin's book. Mitch McConnell says calls of "Moscow Mitch" hurt his feelings. Ted Cruz booed at LAX because of ICE/kids in cages. Fox's Pete Hegseth says Rashida Tlaib has a "Hamas agenda." Supercut of Kamala Harris flip-flopping on m4a. Rand Paul says he'll pay for Ilhan Omar's trip back to Somalia.

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