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On today's show the MR team brings you the news. Sam breaks down the Trump administration's next step in eroding federal research agencies: forcing USDA scientists to relocate to Kansas City. USDA staffers had until midnight on Monday to decide whether or not they would relocate with the department's research branches to the midwest, a brazen move designed to distance scientists and their findings from legislators and policy makers in DC. Joe Biden's healthcare policy rollout hit a roadblock last night when his press secretary Symone Sanders was asked about her change of heart from 2016 when she promoted Bernie's Medicare for All plan to now promoting Biden's less expansive Obamacare plus plan. Symone Sanders' non-answers and pablum explaining why Biden's plan was better than Medicare for All is exactly what happens to press secretaries when there is no substance or popular demand for a policy like Biden's Obamacare expansion--the healthcare horizon has expanded beyond eliminating tax subsidy caps. And in the White House, Trump doubles down on his racist statements and says that his nakedly racist comments about the Squad were fine because "many people agree" with them. Trump is in full 2020 mode and knows the election will be about bases. Trump is betting on racism as his best tool to turn out republican voters next November. Sam then examines the Squad's responses to Trump and how they do politics better than anyone else in the Democratic Party. Their ability to synthesize their talking points, policy projects all while keeping their opposition in their sights, including Democratic House Leadership. The Squad can walk and chew gum while they seize power for the left.

And in the Fun Half:  Sam shares news of his ongoing right wing trolling projects, the time Gavin McInnes offered Sam $5,000 to go on his show, Gavin also made this offer to David Pakman, but really wanted to sure up the he called in, coincidentally Sam gets a call from "Bob Fandela" to talk about Right Wing Mandela's new Free Ideas show, Puerto Ricans are protesting after Governor Ricardo Rosselló's group chats leaked where he called for the death of the San Juan mayor and homophobic remarks about Ricky Martin, why Bernie Sanders needs to do well in South Carolina, turning out voters is more productive than pandering to the elusive purple suburban professional managerial class, why Medicare 4 All is popular across class and identity, plus your calls and IMs!

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