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Digby (Heather Parton) (@digby56) and Matt Binder (@MattBinder ) join us.

On today's show: AOC explains that there's no oversight of spending on Senate bill funding ICE.

Digby (Heather Parton) (@digby56) joins us to break down the latest news from Washington, including: the latest Supreme Court decisions, the Democratic debates, the new center of gravity in the Democratic Party, and how the race will change now that Biden has self-immolated in public. Also: the role of never-Trumpers and who stood out. 

Matt Binder (@MattBinder ), former MR producer/contributor and host of DOOMED w/ Matt Binder, joins us. An update on alt-right online communities. How much has the "movement" been hurt by the de-platforming of prominent leaders like Alex Jones, Milo, Cernovich et. al? The decline of Breitbart. How the YouTube algorithm turns disaffected young men into Pepes and/or the Yang Gang. Ben Shapiro says conservatives can be funny, he has written spec comedy scripts. Yang claims his mic was cut during Dem debate. Kamala Harris goes after Biden about bussing, Biden defends states' rights. Brian Kilmeade almost gets it: the GOP is racist.

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