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Matt Stroud (@MattStroud), author of "Thin Blue Lie: The Failure of High-Tech Policing," joins us.

On today's show: Trump misnames Iran's Supreme Leader. Trump says he does not need Congress to strike Iran.

Author Matt Stroud (@MattStroud) joins us to discuss his new book "Thin Blue Lie: The Failure of High-Tech Policing." While technologies like the taser were supposed to transform law enforcement for the better, in reality they've only made it "lazier, more reckless, and more discriminatory." In this book, Stroud looks at how corporate marketing tactics sold these items to police departments, and how they contributed to the mission creep and civil liberties violations on display in the modern police state.

Why Andrew Yang's UBI proposal poses a danger to the welfare state.

On the fun half: Project Veritas exposes YouTube and MR's conspiracy to censor right-wing ideas. John Bolton says his previous writing on regime change in Iran aren't part of his current advisory role, but he still believes them. Brian Kilmeade says CBP isn't running the Marriot or Hyatt. Lou Dobbs says there was widespread voter fraud in 2016 by "a large number of aliens." Bill O'Reilly says reparations can't happen because it will codify the idea that the US was founded by racist white men. Ilhan Omar does Sharia at Twin Cities pride parade. Beto's war tax idea. Obama campaign manager appears before health savings account investors, says m4a will not happen. Ben Stein says black people love to play the victim.

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