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On today's show: New app to help Trump supporters find MAGA-friendly restaurants. Larry Kudlow explains that cuts to entitlements are necessary. OMB acting director claims that budget is not cutting Medicare or Medicaid spending. Joe Biden says he'd stay away, but he saw Trump's budget proposal. Some things you should know about Biden's record. A new fun half song is debuted.

In the fun half: John from San Antonio on Bernie's promising numbers. "Jesse Lee Peterson" calls into the show. A depressing story about insurance company monopolies. Trump promotes "Jexodus" after Fox and Friends segment. Former Maine Gov. Paul LePage says most Democratic money comes from Jews. Does neoliberal ideology conflict with MMT? Charles Payne compares Facebook removing Warren ads to kid taking off a "kick me" sign. Arkansas lawmaker enraged by rushed through stand your ground legislation. Spy master Evan McMullin figures out DSA is socialist. Ilhan Omar denies equating Obama and Trump: "one is human, the other is really not." Plus, your calls and IMs!

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