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On today's show, TYT reporter Emma Vigeland (@EmmaVigeland ) and comedy legend Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) join us. On today's show, Sam, Michael and Emma discuss  this week's Cohen hearings as well as what to expect from Felix Sater's upcoming public hearing and Allen Weisselberg's potential testimony before the House Intel committee. Lost in the revelations of Cohen's testimony was the GOP's general incompetence at cross-examination. Mark Meadow's "I'm not racist!" grandstanding has come back to haunt him as reporters unearth his birtherism stump speeches from the 2012 primary in North Carolina. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Trump and his foreign policy team leave Vietnam empty-handed, and the possibility of a peace accord is more distant than it was before the US envoy arrived in Hanoi on Tuesday.  Plus, the bombshell new report from the Times that shows Trump ordered officials to grant Jared's Top Secret security clearance. Sam and Emma also breakdown the latest round of Democratic-passed legislation and how Democratic lawmakers can address GOP "motion to recommit" amendments which aim to divide the majority party.

The MR crew and Sam wonder why Kindler hasn't had any Twitter beef the past several days. Andy says it's a result of a few good therapy sessions--we're happy for him! Then, what is an Andy Kindler appearance without catching up on our old friend Dennis Miller? Kindler and Sam then breakdown CPAC's *HILARIOUS* cocktail menu which really owns the libs. And, if you're in the midwest you can see Andy in Aurora, Illinois at the Comedy Shrine next week.

And in the Fun Half: Alex Jones and Joe Rogan think it's fun how they've liquified their audiences' brains, PsyGroup, anti-BDS measures and anti-semitism, Rep. Scott Perry's Jewsplaining, a libertarian calls in about a monetary system without a state, how to help fascist family members, corruption cases in Canada, where is Cliff, plus your calls and IMs.

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